Lab2Fab was founded in 2001 to manufacture products for a small cosmetics boutique in Beverly Hills, California. Today Lab2Fab located in Chatsworth , California-is an established private label manufacturer and contract packager that successfully serves the skin and personal care, OTC pharmaceutical, and the professional salon markets. At Lab2Fab Cosmetics, our scientists are specially trained to meet the demands of our clients to produce the highest quality custom formulations and/or duplicate existing products. From our onsite quality control and R & D laboratory to our GMP and FDA approved manufacturing facility, we are equipped with state of the art machinery to assist our technical staff in producing our clients’ desired product(s).

The scientists in our R & D Department are specialized in utilizing the finest organic raw materials and herbal extracts to formulate products that meet our clients’ specifications and marketing goals. Our philosophy is to manufacture high quality products at competitive prices for our customers. In that regard, we firmly believe that impressive packaging and advertising can initially sell a product, but it is only the quality of the product that constitutes the continuous consumption of it.



Lab2Fab is centrally located in Chatsworth CA, our manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art machinery that performs compounding, filling, and packaging of almost every type of cosmetics, fragrance, personal care, and OTC products, such as: cream, lotion, gel, ointment, and liquid products. The production process follows all regulations for quality control and manufacturing as set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as good manufacturing practice (GMP). Our manufacturing Department is equipped with a number of filling lines designed to package from 0.5oz to gallons of all types of tubes, jars, and bottles. Recognizing the clients’ marketing requirements, here at cosmetics made in USA we have equipped our manufacturing Department to manage the production of small and large runs.

In that regard, our production capacity of liquid products ranges from 100 to 5,000 gallons, while for cream, lotion, and ointment, it ranges from 500lbs to 4,000lbs per shift.


Our Quality Control Laboratory is equipped to perform all the required testing protocols to assure that the products manufactured adhere to the good manufacturing practice required by government licensing agencies such as: Raw material analysis and evaluation; Laboratory analysis of products; Long term stability testing; Process and Methods Validation testing; Microbiological testing; Product/Package compatibility testing, etc. Because our commitment to quality extends throughout every phase of the product’s development-from formulating, manufacturing, filling, and packaging-our quality control Department is intimately involved in every aspect of our daily production, working closely with our staff to provide ongoing training and quality awareness.


Our scientists in Lab2Fab cosmetics Laboratory incorporate the latest technological and scientific advances to formulate and manufacture products. They work closely with our clients to develop highly advanced and functional products which not only meet, but also exceed our clients’ marketing requirements. Our scientists are equipped to realize our clients’ ideas into a viable, highly marketable product. Our lab is equipped with state of the art equipment to perform all the required testing to facilitate our scientists’ quest for perfection.

Here at Lab2Fab cosmetics we do not commission or test either products or ingredients on animals, nor do we use animal products or raw materials, unless specified by the customer.